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    We understand that parents will have a lot of questions they want to ask us when they come to visit and look around our nursery. In order to save parents time, we have listed all the questions that have been most frequently asked by parents.

Visiting us

Parents looking for a place for their child can come and visit the Nursery any time they wish. No prior appointment is necessary. There is always someone available to show you around and answer any questions that you might have between 07:30 and 18:00 each weekday. We recognise that for some working parents these times are maybe difficult to fit into, so alternative arrangements for viewing the Nursery can be made outside of these times. Please just ring and ask.

You can see the whole nursery and our outdoor learning area, including the room where your child would be based and you can chat with, or ask questions of, the staff in the room where your child would be cared for. We recommend that parents write down in advance any questions that they know they want to ask, so that they do not forget when being shown around.

Yes. Parents are welcome to visit as many times as they wish before finally making up their minds as to which Nursery best meets their requirements.


Parents are free to bring anyone they wish, including partners, grandparents etc. Children are especially welcome.


Opening times

We are open 52 weeks a year. The only times we are closed are weekends and the eight statutory Bank Holidays.

The normal Nursery opening times are from 07:30 to 18:00. However, Parents can book children into the Nursery from 07:00 to 07:30 and also from 18:00 to 18:30 for a small fee (see our Fees page for more information).

Looking after my child

Yes, each room has a dedicated group of staff permanently allocated to it. In addition we have a small number of other permanently employed staff who cover for other staff whilst on annual leave or during times of sickness.

Yes, a member of staff will be allocated as your child’s keyperson before they start Nursery. The keyperson will undertake a home visit with a senior member of staff before any “settling-in” visits to Nursery start, this provides an opportunity for both parents and children to get to know their keyperson and for the keyperson to gain knowledge of each child’s likes, dislikes, individual needs etc.

Yes, we provide a very wide range of special diets regardless of whether these be for medical, religious or ethical reasons. Please just let us know your child’s requirements.

All parents receive a verbal report at the end of each day when they pick up their child. In addition to this, they also have instant online access to their child’s electronic learning journey (Parentzone). This contains all the information about each child’s day in Nursery, including what activities they have undertaken, meals, nappy changes etc. It is illustrated with lots of pictures and videos. This record also includes all assessment and observations and can be accessed on any PC, Apple or Android product (including mobile phones). In addition, parents can log into the Nursery’s webcam system and watch their children live whilst they are in Nursery.

We normally require that a child attends a minimum of two days per week. However, we will make exceptions where both parents and Nursery are content a child will settle well.


No. There is no fee payable for any of the Bank Holiday days we are closed.

No. There is no charge for the visits your child makes to us for the purposes of “settling in”, regardless of the length of time, or the number of visits that this might take. No child starts Nursery until both the Nursery and parents are happy that the child is adequately settled.

Fees are all inclusive. The cost of nappies, formula milk, and outings are all included within the daily fee. There are no additional charges whatsoever for any outing or activity.

No. Access is provided completely free of charge. Parents may view the cameras on the days their child is in Nursery and only the room their child is based as well as the Outdoor Learning Area.

Yes. The deposit is £100.00 regardless of the number of days per week booked. This deposit is rebated in full against your first invoice, on condition that you take up the place that you have booked.

Yes. We accept all Childcare Vouchers. However, these schemes are all closed now to new entrants, but existing users may continue to make use of this facility.

Yes, we accept payments via this scheme. We just ask that parents provide us with their child’s individual unique reference number, in order that we can allocate payments to the correct parent’s account.

Funded children

Yes, we do provide places for children in receipt of both the universal fifteen hours funding and those in receipt of thirty hours. We have a range of options that parents can choose from that allows them to make maximum use of their funded hours. Including options to stretch this over a full year.

Yes, we do provide places for children in receipt of Two Year Funding. If you think that you might qualify for this then please let us know and we will do our best to advise you.

First aid

Yes. All our staff have to successfully pass a level three, externally accredited, First Aid course. Additionally, all our staff have to successfully complete as a special four-hour course in Outdoor First Aid. This is also at the same level and is similarly externally accredited. Also, our staff are trained to meet the needs of certain children with a special educational need or disability. Additionally, the Nursery has its own defibrillator (located by the Nursery front entrance).

Children with a special educational needs and/or disability (SEND)

Yes, as a fully inclusive Nursery, we are committed to the integration of children who have additional needs/disabilities. We believe that all children have the right to experience and develop alongside their peers, regardless of whether any additional support is required. Therefore, the Nursery does not discriminate against any child regardless of disability or medical condition. We work closely with any other agencies who may be involved with a child with a SEND and employ our own full-time SEND co-ordinator.

No. There are no additional charges for any child. Some children with a SEND may receive additional funding from the Local Authority to support their access to childcare, this funding is allocated to enable the Nursery to provide enhanced staff to child ratios, staff specialist training or equipment to ensure that any child with a SEND is supported in the best possible way.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 7.30am - 6pm*
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

*arrangements can be made to care for children from 7am to 7pm

Stay in the know!

There is always lots of things happening at Nursery. We use this blog to help parents keep up to date with what is happening at Nursery, find out about progress with things we have planned and all the new things we are planning for the future.


We understand that parents will have a lot of questions they want to ask us when they come to visit and look around our nursery. In order to save parents time, we have listed all the questions that have been most frequently asked by parents.

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